Powerful Interactive Touch Screen Solutions

Create compelling customer feedback surveys and boost customer satisfaction with interactive information kiosks by Creoso.Welcome to CREOSO where the simplicity of interactive touch screen applications unites with convincing self-service customer feedback and information solutions.

We help you collect feedback from your customers with our survey tools and survey apps. In addition, we offer information kiosk software to disseminate information to your customers easily and efficiently via touch screen kiosks, public terminals and digital signage.

CREOSO's powerful software programs are designed to promote the input and output of paperless information at the point of sale, point of care and point of service. You can ask, inform, and attract customers year round while significantly reducing workload, costs and paper waste.

A wide range of turnkey handheld survey devices, survey stations and information kiosks as well as related services complement our offerings.

We cordially invite you to browse through the Digivey touch screen survey software family, as well as the TouchPresenter information kiosk software and survey system pages.

Learn more about how touch technology based survey data collection can benefit your customer feedback and marketing research initiatives.

Touch Screen Survey Examples

Mixed-Mode Data Collection:

Digivey survey software supports multi-mode data collectionCREOSO's renowned Digivey Survey Suite, newly supports web survey data collection. Creating a mixed-mode survey is easy and efficient: Use Digivey Composer for questionnaire creation and deploy via touch screen and/or web. And of course, as part of the Digivey Survey Software family, the Digivey Plus web survey launcher supports multilingual surveys and static or dynamic multimedia for compelling and engaging survey questionnaire design. 

 Get more information on our Digivey multi-mode data collection tool